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Castelfranco Veneto,  2016 May, 31 – June, 11



10 artists for 12 days

The initiative is promoted and financed by the Committee of Environment and Productive Activities, by the Committee for the Territorial Development of the Municipality of Castelfranco Veneto, and by the Department of Public Health ULSS n.8.



OMNE – (Osservatorio Mobile Nord Est) is a platform that suggests to look deeper at the landscape that surrounds us, and is roaming (or mobile) because in the origin of the project lays the idea to search for a a path to search on a territory, to discover the possible relations between space, landscape and the physical experience of the inhabitants.

The journey is represented by the primary idea of architecture, “the first anthropic sign able to insinuate an artificial order in the environments of natural caos” (Careri, 2006).

OMNE is a platform, a container of projects (residence for artists, labs, photographic surveys, public walks, masterclass, conferences, speeches, exhibitions, publications) aiming to sensitize at the environment trough the practice of walking.
“I can not meditate if I do not walk. When I stop, I can not think, like my thoughts are synchronized with my feet” (J.J. Russeau)



OMNELAB – Residency Lab object is to explore the dinamics of urban, social, artistic, cultural and identity making of the italian northern-east trough a multidisciplinary approach.

The lab aim is to transmit specific methods to study and walk trough the urban texture, useful to increase the individual skills of the participants and in defining a new perspective on contemporary, able to read the linked dynamics and purposes in a new perspective.

OMNELAB is the joint of different artistic disciplines that find in the environment of Castelfranco Veneto, a common field of investigation, in order to produce informations and a new vision that can communicate the complexity of the landscape and of our present.
Trough public-walks, lectures, workshops, the artists group will be guided to produce with different medias (performing art, photography, graphic design, video, sound etc…) a new peculiar view on the studied landscape.


Work is the theme of the first edition of OMNE.
Observing the city trough the working activities, the development and the transformations brought by the industries during the last years.
Traces of a past that is over and marks of a present that redefines the urban, social and relational links of a community.

WORK as the base of a social agreement that unites a community, connotes a landscape in the productive and residual sites, redefines the mobility system, reorders the private and public way of living.
“Work is then “to do”, that must find in it’s space the capability to define it’s self again, underlining those evidences that still have the vitality and the brightness of a true presence. The space becomes a map of the human landscape where stories are collected and described by these traces, presences, the landscape becomes recounting because it tells it’s self.” (Raimondi, 2016)



The lab, assisted by teachers and experts, applies to artists (photographers, graphic designers, video-makers etc…)

The residence is free, the is no limit in age or nationality and the admission is possible according to the specific procedures that can be found in the downloadable ban.
10 participants will be select by the commission who will valuate the portfolios that must be submitted attached to the online form.
All participants must be over 18 years at the starting date of the residency (31 May 2016).



The residency will take place in the town of Castelfranco Veneto and the selected artist will have the possibility to be located and work from 31 May to 11 June 2016.
The detailed program of the lab will be communicated to the selected artists.
The costs of the residency, accommodation and board will be provided by the organization. The participants will have to provide the costs of the journey to Castelfranco Veneto, and the eventual shipping of their equipment.



The participants, depending on their specific skill, will be guided in the realization of a personal project that will be individuated in the lab. The output can be a photographic sequence, a map design, a short film or a video that can involve sound, music and words etc…

The artists will be invited to walk in the territory and to express trough their work, criticality, potentials, and unexpected singularities of the revealed places.
Crossing and staying in some strategical spots will be the suggestion to design some thematic journeys, the collection of suggestive elements will converge in artistic maps, designed according to the specific artistic field of appliance (photography, graphic design, video etc…)




Leonardo Delogu (researcher, film maker, performer)

Hans Gremmen (graphic designer)

Stefano Raimondi (poet and critic)

Stefania Rössl (Professor of Architectural and Urban Design, University of Bologna)

Massimo Sordi (Photographer, curator, Professor of Photography, University of Bologna)

Petra Stavast (Photographer)



Individuals applying should submit the complied inscription form with the required attachments, that will be selected by the commission.
The deadline for the request of the participants the 8 May, 2016.

The commission will select 10 participants on the base of the evaluation of the submitted artistic statements: the selected artists will notified by email by 12 May.



Individuals applying should submit:

  1. Application form must be filled in all it’s parts and signed in accordance to the therms of inscription.


  1. Resume/CV (listing past exhibitions, related experiences etc…) max 2000 digits.


  1. Two recent artistic statements in a selection of images or videos and a textual description of these projects (max 1500 digits).


  1. Technical details for the submitted attachments

The CV and texts must be submitted in .docx or .pdf file format.

The images must be submitted in .jpeg format, 72dpi, maximum file size 1 Mb, titled in this way: OMNELAB_SurnameName_01.jpg and numbered progressively.

Video files will have to be saved in .avi, .mp4 or .mov for a maximum file size of 30 Mb.


  1. Applications and Sending
    To partecipate at the selection is necessary to send all the documents listed in point A.

You will be asked to submit the following online in a single .zip or .rar file emailed at the address

Files larger then 10 Mb can be send trough services like JumboMail, Wetransfer etc… at the same address




8 MAY: Last term for sending submissions.


12 MAY: Publication and email communication to the admitted artists.


31 may – 11 June: Residency proposal, as in the program.


The delivery date for the artistic works produced during the residency will be established with the organization during the residency. The curators will select the works of the single authors that will be exposed in an exhibition an published in a specific catalogue.


Spring 2017: opening of the exhibition (site and date to be defined) and presentation of the catalogue.