OMNELAB – Artist Residency 2016

10 artists for 12 days

31 May – 11 June 2016
Castelfranco Veneto

Work was the theme of the first edition of OMNE.
Observing the city trough the working activities, the development and the transformations brought by the industries during the last years.
Traces of a past that is over and marks of a present that redefines the urban, social and relational links of a community.


10 artists:


Mattia Balsamini ITALIAMattia Balsamini


Kirsti Taylor Bye NORVEGIA
Taylor Bye Kirsti


Christian Lange GERMANIA Christian Lange


MårtenLange SVEZIA
Mårten Lange


Massimo Mastrorillo ITALIAMassimo Mastrorillo


Brent Meistre SUDAFRICABrent Meistre


Omne project
Karin Apollonia Mueller


Josef Schulz GERMANIA
Josef Schulz


Nigel Shafran UKNigel Shafran



TFTF collective




Invited artist 2016:
Petra Stavast

Petra Stavast OLANDA